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After a mission that almost ended both the Teen Titans and the Titans, it was decided that both teams would become one. Both the New York Tower and the San Francisco  Tower would be used one half of the team at one and the other half at the other.  The team make ups would change every couple  of months to ensure that all members were able to work together and strengthen their ties together.

Though Tim had almost given up on Rose forming a bond with anyone, though Dick had assured him that she was in fact getting better. In fact the last fight she and Cassie had she didn't even throw the first punch.

Also part of the combining of the two teams was also the recruiting of new members.  They were able to recruit new members like Zatara, Supergirl, Static, and even Red Hood, though Tim suspected Jason's involvement was more of Batman being paranoid and having Jason playing an over glorified watch dog and keeping tabs on him and Dick.  Tim wasn't sure why Jason agreed but at least their relationship was getting better.

As Tim sat at the computer typing up much needed updates to files for the new merger, he came to the first active rooster of the San Francisco Tower and saw that Red Arrow was going to assigned out here for the first rotation. A slightly depressed sigh escaped Tim's lips. He had long ago stopped denying to himself that he had a crush on Roy Harper.  At first he tried to convince himself that it was nothing more hero worship. Nothing more than an admiration for a highly gifted and talented crime fighter, but when and admiring eye of Roy's archery skill turned turned to just admiring Roy, Tim couldn't lie to himself anymore.  He had it pretty bad for the older Titan.

And there was Tim's problem.

Dick's best friend was never going to even look at Tim much less return any feelings that Tim might have. Why would a single parent (who never seemed not to have companionship if he wanted it.) with a size-able age difference be attracted to a nineteen old college student, who favorite past times could include hanging out with the insane criminals of Gotham and sucking at tennis?

As if on cue the doors slid open and in walked Roy, smiling brightly as he laid down some more files next to Tim. "Dick wanted me to bring you these Tim, said you were cross referencing them or something."

"Thank Red Arrow."

"Red Arrow?" Roy asked cocking his head sideways. "Come on squirt, we're team mates now, call me Roy."

' . . thanks Roy," Tim said quietly.

"Any time Tim," Roy said as he ruffled Tim hair as left the room, "See ya later."

As the door slid close behind him. Tim didn't even try to hide the depressed look on his face as all of his fears were just proven true.


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