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Dick's little brother

Roy leaned back in his chair and surveyed the chaos that only a Titan's meeting could have, with a smile on his face.  Ravanger and Wonder Girl were shouting at each. Beast Boy was flirting with Miss Martian and Raven.  Flash and Kid Flash were talking so fast they were practically vibrating, and Red Hood was sulking in a corner.

Man JLA meetings were never this fun.

All of the chaos ended though when Robin came in.  With ease he got everyone's attention and got the meeting under way. Roy w as curious about Robin,  Dick only said had praises for his little brother and the younger Titans easily followed Robin's lead and Roy could easily see why. Robin had a presence about that just drew the attention, his voice was almost lyrical, the musician in Roy wondered how he sounded when he sang and wished he had a recording of the young hero's voice.

That thought made Roy shake himself mentally.  That was Dick's little brother! He wasn't just daydreaming about Dick's little brother. He just wasn't.  There was no way he thinking of Robin in that way. He was just a kid. 

Robin laughed at a joke that Kid Flash made and Roy leaned in a little more so not to miss what Robin had to say.

Roy sighed as he realized that maybe the boring meetings of the JLA was better.